Where would you like to stay Furnished Duplex or Hotel Room?


For the price of a hotel room, you and your group or family can stay in our furnished Duplex. Our 1100 sq. ft. Furnished Duplex provides a “home away from home” feeling and is ideal for groups and families needing more space than a hotel room can offer.

Unlike a hotel room, our Short Term Accommodations give guests the opportunity to stay in a furnished home with plenty of space and rooms to relax. Our Duplex has a fully equipped kitchen and can save you money by allowing you to dine out less.

So if you are looking for a place to stay with that “home away from home” feeling give us call (306)-672-7499 or 306-672-7746.

Our Duplex Rent Includes Heat, Power, Water, Garbage and Recycling

One of the greatest benefits of renting an apartment with utilities included is that you only have one monthly bill. This makes budgeting your monthly housing expenses much easier. Renting an apartment with utilities included also saves you money in extra move-in fees. Not having the responsibility to connect services will eliminate paying any activation fees or additional deposits from utility companies.

Campbell’s Accommodations