The 1100 square foot duplex is located in a quiet neighborhood and is just a short walk to the downtown area.  Our Unfurnished Duplex is a modern building has off street parking, central heat, and AC.  The Duplex comes with newer appliances including a self-clean oven, microwave, dishwasher, washer, and dryer.

Damage deposit equal to one month’s rent is required and is payable in two equal installments.  Monthly rent includes water, sewer, garbage pickup, and the landlord does all the yard work.

IMG-20150314-00063 IMG-20150314-00064 IMG-20150314-00066 IMG-20150314-00061 IMG-20150314-00062 IMG-20150314-00068


4 thoughts on “4472 A Price Avenue Unfurnished Duplex

  1. Hi I am jay.
    I like this house.
    4472 Avenue Unfurnished Duplex
    I am going to the gull lake at the end of June.
    Is this house empty now?

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